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Wildland apparel

Apparel - Band Artwork - Logo Design

Wildland apparel is a locally based clothing brand created by two wild land firefighters. Their main goals to raise awareness and funds for the wild land firefighters of Canada. Similar to ten tree (a clothing brand that raises awareness for reforestation). For every item bought, a percentage will be donated to the wildfire organizations of Canada.  


  • Create strong site structure to enable smooth flow of browsing 

  • Create an engaging and unique logo

  • Implement a creative and cohesive tone of voice throughout all platforms 

  • Ensure branding fits their brand identity

wildland apparel mockup.png
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Untitled_Artwork 21_edited.png

In my research, I found that Manzanita are commonly found to be the first plants to grow back after a forest fire. From this research I chose to make the Manzanita leaf one of the main aspects of the logo.


Being a retail company focused on giving back to the forest firefighters of Canada it was important to include an element of fire to the visual design.

Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 12.16.03 PM.png

Inspirations & Planning

Below, I've included a few sketches of the process and planning for Wildland apparel logo. Wildland apparel is a clothing company with a main focus on forest fighting in Canada. When conducting my research, I looked into other firefighting companies and wilderness apparel companies to see the other competitors in the same market. As well as researching forest fires themself.

Finalized Logo Design

I look inspiration from similar outdoor clothing e-commerce franchises such as, 10 tree, north face and Eddie bower. Wildland apparel will stand out against these other brands for its captivating imagery and video content. By creating a clean and easy to navigate website will boost site traffic and product sales.

Bringing it all together

product page.png
womens product page.png

When users visit Wildland Apparel, they are quickly able to navigate an engaging and user-friendly site.  Bright nature based  photography brings life into the site, and encourages more users to purchase their products.  As well as playing into the theme of Wildland Apparel supporting the environment. The overall user interface of the website is clean and sleek, which allows a strong flow throughout the entire site.

landing page.png
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