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Merivale Bowling Centre

Brand Identity | Logo Design

Merivale Bowling Centre is a family owned bowling alley and bar. Since 1996, they have been providing families with a glow-in-the-dark experience, and thrilling environment. Despite the decrease in popularity of bowling, Merivale Bowling Centre consistently stands out as it a well-known landmark of Ottawa.   


  • Improve overall site structure to enable easier browsing 

  • Create a more engaging and current logo

  • Create a more cohesive tone of voice throughout all platforms

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Minimalist Stationery Mockup_edited.jpg

Inspirations & Planning

Below, I've included a few sketches of the process and planning for Merivale Bowling Centre's new logo. I found inspiration in vintage bowling team logos, and their simplistic designs. Merivale Bowling Centre is a five pin bowling alley that is targeted at families and children. Saying that, I included five bowling pins in their new logo.

neon moodboard put together while coming up with concept for logo design
sketches of logo process

Finalized Logo Design

logo brick wall.png

After coming to a decision on the direction of the logo I wanted to pursue, I digitized the final pictorial. The pictorial included a set of five bowling pins creating the illusion of a reverse image of a bowling ball. Merivale Bowling Centre is also known for their black light environment and glow-in-the-dark theme, so I wanted to make their logo consistent with the black light. I kept the colour pallet minimal to increase contrast and to showcase the logo in white. This allows the logo to interact with the black lights throughout the bowling alley.

final logo for merivale bowling centre
reverse image of the logo

Bringing it all together

The colours chosen in this logo design were kept simple, black and white. As Merivale Bowling Centre is a glow-in-the-dark bowling alley, having a black and white logo will make their logo interact with the glow in the dark feature. For example, a white logo will glow when in a black light. Introducing a monochromatic design helps create a greater sense of professionalism than a more colourful ensemble would.


The font chosen for my first concept was Avenir Next Condensed. This font was chosen for this logo as it is the most visually appealing when paired up with the pictorial. Having the word-mark in all uppercase letters also adds excitement to the logo, and is engaging to the eye.

mbc hallway sign.png
uniform mockup for merivale bowling centre
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