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desktop mockup of mary janes cannabis.

Mary Jane's Cannabis

Web design - Branding

Mary Jane's Cannabis is a mock-up e-commerce company focused on the selling and distribution of cannabis. They carry everything from edibles to oils, they've got it all! This company's advertisement is based on engaging a wide variety of clients.


  • Create strong site structure to enable smooth flow of browsing 

  • Create an engaging and unique logo

  • Implement a creative and cohesive tone of voice throughout all platforms 

  • Ensure branding fits their brand identity

Inspirations & Planning

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Inspiration for this logo design was taken from a clean and minimalistic aesthetic. I included the element of marijuana, but I also made it unique from other cannabis logos. After sketching out a few possible layouts for the logo, I came up with a simple pictorial combining both the name and image. This ensured a high contrast and simplistic approach.

For the website layout and design, my goal was to keep it high contrast and trendy to reflect the brand identity. I maintained a consistent flow throughout the entire website, as well as made sure the element of cannabis was still prevalent. This website design tool was inspired from colourful elements to create an engaging web design.

sketches of logo process
ilustrator logo design process.
mary janes cannabis logo

Bringing it all together

When users visit Mary Jane’s Cannabis, they are quickly able to navigate an engaging and user friendly site. A high contrast colour pallet brings life into the site, and encourages more users to purchase their products.  The overall user interface of the website is clean and sleek, which allows a strong flow throughout the entire site.

weed page.png
product page.png
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