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Fruit by the Foot

Package Redesign

final package design for fruit by the foot

Growing up, I looked forward to having this fun filled snack packed in my lunch bag. Fruit by the Foot is a common children's snack sold world wide. Known for their out of ordinary commercials and funky colours, this snack is tailored to a younger audience.


  • Redesign package to make it more engaging to their target audience (children)

  • Create an Eco friendly packaging 

  • Fits with Fruit by the Foot brand identity 

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Inspirations & Planning

After doing much research on Fruit by the Foot and other similar snacks, I was able to use the information to establish a target audience. Statistically speaking, the main consumers who ate these snacks were families and more specifically, children. My goal was to create a packaging design that would attract young children by incorporating a bright and vibrant colour scheme. I ensured that the physical packaging was designed and build by cardboard. In addition to reducing the use of plastic packaging, I incorporated a toy into the design to help engage and attract children.

skecthes of thought process for fruit by the foot
blueprint for package deisgn

Finalized Design Concept and colours

After finalizing my initial idea, I started to plan out how the packaging dye lines would be designed and built.  Since the packaging design was a unique shape, it took many trials of printing, cutting and gluing.  This was to ensure that I had the correct dimensions.  For the design itself, I came up with three-colour schemes to represent multiple flavours of Fruit Roll Ups.  The colour schemes were similar in design, yet unique to their specific flavour..

colour pallet for diffent color shemes

Bringing it all together

Finally, after putting everything together, I was able to come up with one cohesive layout with three variations which was dependent on the flavour.  This repackaging design will be beneficial for the target audience, as it combines both vibrant colours and an element of entertainment. After the children are done with their snack, they have a toy tape measure that was included in the design.  In addition to this, the packaging was printed in a vegetable ink and made of 100% recyclable material. 

final mockup of fruit by the foot package design
final mockup of fruit by the foot package design
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